Fanuc α- D14MiB Eco

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Fanuc D14MiB Eco
The Fanuc RoboDrill D14MiA5 ECO is an economical, high performance, compact machining center focused on reliability and speed. At over 1.5G and 2,125 IPM, these compact machines handle a wide variety of jobs including milling, drilling or tapping. The machine was designed with only 4 moving parts in the toolchanger. The latest Fanuc 31i control insures the latest programming features and control performance.

Lightning fast & cost effective

▪ Compact Design
▪ FANUC 31i-B Nano CNC System
▪ Ultra Precise 32,000,000 Pulse/Rev Encoders
▪ Ai Contour Control I
▪ Thermal Growth Compensation
▪ 1.5G Accel/Decel
▪ Helical Interpolation
▪ Rigid Tapping 5,000rpm
▪ Thread Milling
▪ High Speed Reverse Tapping
▪ “Quick” Tap Recovery System
▪ Simultaneous ATC / Table Positioning
▪ Easy to Automate
▪ Coolant Thru Ready
▪ Built 100% in Japan

Optional Features

• Rotary tables & indexers
• 4/5 Axis machining
• Robotic loading
• Methods turnkey

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