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    Technical Leader

    The Gang Type CNC Turning Center KIT4500, designed
    by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest
    technology, is a gang tool CNC Turning Center which
    maximizes productivity through high speed and high
    performance mechanisms.


    • 60° slanted one-piece rigid bed structure
    • Realization of high-precision product processing through the reduction of combined thermal displacement
    • Decrease in belt damage and vibration in the main shaft by reducing the length of the main shaft belt
    • Optimum design for automated response
    • Compact design, able to install within a narrow space



    Outstanding Productivity

    High Precision, Rigid Mechanism Gang Type CNC Turning Center

    Gang Type Block Tool

    With Tool-To-Tool time reduced, productivity has bas improved in the machining of small sized parts.



    Optimal structure for user convenience

    Door opening width : 495mm (19.5″)

    1. Arrangement of hydraulic unit on the backend
    2. 2-directional (front / left side) pressure controller
    3. Top hole for the dust collector installation
    4. Sockets for piping option such as air tool, hydraulic, etc. (3 points)



    Coolant tank performance improvement

    Coolant Capacity : 120ℓ (31.7 gal)
    {Compared to previous machine 20ℓ(5.3 gal) UP}

    1. Enhanced coolant filter capability

      Filter capability has been improved by applying a dual filter in the zigzag filtering partition structure.

    2. Leakage prevention struction

      Leak is prevented by tightening the chip box shoot surface close to the bed shoot floor through controlling the chip box height.

    3. Expansion of chip storage space

      The chip storage space under the bed has been expanded by 30% compared to the previous model.


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