• Hyundai Wia L800LD

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    • Sturdiness secured through the adoption of an all Axis box guide
    • All-in-one type structure with direct link for high accuracy and sturdiness
    • Based on double anchor method for high accuracy pretension
    • Minimized heat deformation in the main spindle
    • Gear box used for the main spindle (L600/700 Series : 3 step/ L800 Series : 2 step)
    • Big-bore main spindle with a maximum through diameter of Ø375 (Ø14.7″) (L800D)
    • Structural design featuring the major axis capable of processing a maximum length of 3,250mm (127.9″) (Long Bed Type)


    Max Turning Diain36.22
    Max Turning Lengthin6265128
    Chuck Sizein34″ ~
    Driving MethodGEAR
    Spindle RPMr/min500
    Spindle Output (max/cont.)hp60 / 50
    Spindle Torque (max/cont.)ft.lbs5375 / 4420
    Rapid Travel(X/Z)in/min472/630472/472
    Slide TypeBOX
    No. of ToolsEA12
    Tool Size (ID/OD)in1.25″ / 3 “
    Milling Tool Speedr/min3,0003,000

    Specifications are subject to change without notice for quality improvement.

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