Nakamura NTJ 100

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ntj 100

Nakamura NTJ 100

The Nakamura NTJ 100 is very unique with an upper turret having a B axis of 182 degree swing. Both Upper and Lower turrets have a Y axis. The machine has a 54 tool capacity. You can do profile milling with the upper turret.

  • Swiveling range 182degree. B-axis with milling-tools and Y-axis offered as standard equipment
  • Opposed two-spindle,2-turret construction!
  • Up to 54 tool stations for Turning,24 tool stations for milling tools
  • 24tools Number of driven-tool stations
  • Y-axis on upper and lower turret Upper 80mm,Lower 65mm
  • 6000min-1 Driven-tool speed (Upper / Lower)
  • Double Performance! Milling-tool motor 7.1/2.2kW

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