Nakamura Tome JX 250

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Nakamura Tome JX-250 ATC Series featuring shortest tool-spindle

Equipped with the world’s smallest tool spindle”NT Smart Cube” and Y-axis standard twin turret. High rigidity ATC type Multitasking machine!

  • Equipped with AI type thermal displacement compensation system “NT Thermo Navigator AI”.
  • The world’s smallest tool spindle! Motor output 22/15kW
  • L/R twin turret with Y axis! (op. L Turret)
    Supports various machining with Crossover stroke(R:490mm, L:140mm)
  • Distance between spindles 1,850mm!
    And in the X-Y plane, it moves □ 250mm from the center of the main spindle.
  • Number of ATC tool stock 80 (op. 40,120)
  • 240° B-axis positioning range (±120°)
  • Shortened time with opposing 2 spindles, L and R simultaneous machining.
  • High rigidity horizontal bed with wide, low center of gravity design, vertical column structure.

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