Nakamura Tome WY100

  • 2 months ago
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nakamura wy 100

Twin spindle machines with two turrets, upper and lower, both with Y-axis. With this configuration, the opportunity exists to drastically reduce cycle times, by offering highly capable features like pinch milling, drilling and turning, as well as unique “off center” interpolative functions that can be performed on both spindles.

  • Opposing Two-Spindle, Two-Turret Construction
  • 48 Tool Stations
  • 24 Driven-tool Stations
  • 3.3 in Y-axis travel on Upper Turret
  • 2.55 in Y-axis travel on Lower Turret
  • 8,000 min-1 Driven-tool Speed (Upper / Lower)
  • 15/10 HP Left and Right Spindle Motor
  • 7.5 HP x2 Driven-tool Motor (Upper / Lower)
  • 2 in Bar Capacity

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