Ocean River 3

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Ocean technologies

  • 1 Touch Release Button for Quick Change of Drill Chuck
  • Manual Backslide (W-Axis)
  • Automatic Electrode Wear Compensation
  • Display Mode: Current Position, Depth to Burn, Electrode Wear
  • 25 Amp Generator
  • Five (5) Banks parameter data. Each set can save various machine parameters. Available to expand to ten (10) sets (optional).
  • Parameter data can be finely adjusted and is suited for a range of machining operations. The unit can also use preset parameter data for easy operation.
  • EDP function: point sparking (surface sparking).
  • Display mode: (DSP, Wear, Depth, END, Pn).
  • Auto/Manual searching work-piece surface.
  • Auto/Manual electrode compensating function.
  • Metric/Inch conversion
  • Display two (2) axis.
  • Flexible control box design for convenient increase of functionality, and the elimination of signal interference. Great compatibility.

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