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As with all OKKs we paid special attention to the rigidity of the cast body, built solid and features our massive liner roller guides and large-diameter ball screws for the feed system, allowing the MCH-R Series to easily cut titanium and other exotic materials. All OKK horizontals feature Core chilled pre-tensioned and double-anchored ball screws in order to maintain the high accuracy needed throughout long hours of machining.

MCH8000R box way machining center for super heavy-duty cutting inherits the features of OKK’s MCH-R series which have been proven over the years. A 3 step gear spindle develops 1,829Nm(1,348ft/lbs) of spindle torque. The MCH8000R is ideal for cutting hard to process materials like inconel, titanium and hastellloy.

  • Heavy load capacity linear roller guides
  • High rigidity column
  • Core chilled pre-tensioned and double-anchored ball screws
  • High load capacity feed motors
  • Space saving design for economical use of floor space
  • Four coil-type chip conveyors

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