Romi C1000

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Work flexibility for multiple applications with several chucks and toolholders configurations

The ROMI C Series CNC Lathes offer great versatility for machining different types of parts, with great power levels, speed movement and machining precision.

The machines are equipped with Siemens Sinumerik 828D CNC, with high performance and reliability hardware, which provides excellent programming, operation, and machining simulation resources.


RMMP – Romi Manual Machining Package

The ROMI C Series can be equipped with RMMP – Romi Manual Machining Package that allows simple operations to be completed without any type of programming. It is as simple to use as an Engine Lathe but with the added capability and productivity of a CNC Lathe.

By RMMP, the operator can machine parts in manual mode using the handwheels and also in automatic mode (joystick and start cycle). He can also fill in the fields on CNC screen, informing spindle speed, feeds, cutting depth, coordinates and angles, and start the machining by cycle start button.

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