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Low Viscosity Fast Quenching Oil


THERMISOL 1021 is a low viscosity, fast quenching oil for ferrous metals. It is used where maximum part hardness and minimum distortion are required. THERMISOL 1021 furnishes rapid cooling during the initial cooling stage to provide high hardness in both the surface and core of treated steel. Heat extraction is rapid and uniform to maintain uniform hardness, provide higher tensile strength in carburized parts, and greater toughness in carbon steels.

The heat extraction rate of THERMISOL 1021 slows during the final cooling stage to avoid cracking and distortion. THERMISOL 1021 contains anti-oxidants to resist thermal degradation, maintain viscosity and reduce sludge. The low viscosity reduces drag-out for a more economical operation.

For operations with filter systems this product is available as THERMISOL 1032, a version containing a detergent dispersant to enhance filtration effectiveness.


  • Fast quench speed
  • Uniform heat extraction
  • Resists thermal degradation
  • Extraction rate slows during final cooling stage
  • Oxidation resistant
  • Low Viscosity
  • High hardness throughout parts
  • Uniform hardness, high tensile strength in carburized parts, greater toughness in carbon steels
  • No cracking or distortion
  • Maintains viscosity, reduces sludge
  • Reduced drag-out, economical

How to Use

THERMISOL 1021 is used as received. Bath temperature should be maintained between 100-180°F. The bath should be agitated to ensure uniform temperatures throughout the tank.

How to Clean

THERMISOL 1021 residues are readily removed with mild alkaline cleaner solutions.

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