VisionGauge 400 Series

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The 400 Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator is a state-of-the-art inspection and measurement system. It’s a compact desktop system that still provides a large working envelope. The 400 Series is a very cost-effective, full-featured system that has all of the advanced, patented VisionGauge® software capabilities. This system is especially well suited for lower volume applications.

Available in both Horizontal and Vertical Configurations.

  • Compact desktop system with large measurement envelope (up to 12″ x 12″)
  • 3 axis inspection and measurement system with manual stage movements
  • X and Y axes have 0.25 micron resolution encoders
  • Optional LASER module for Z axis measurements
  • Available in both horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Single high-resolution monitor display. A 2nd monitor is available as an option
  • Sharp & clear high resolution image
  • Ultra-bright all-LED computer-controlled illumination
  • High-resolution precision optics
  • Single magnification optics with extended depth-of-field and long working distance for maximum flexibility
  • Optical accuracy better than +/-0.00015″ (i.e. 4 μm)
  • Patented CAD Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™ software tools for fast, accurate and operator-independent Part-to-CAD Comparison
  • Compare parts to their CAD file beyond the optical field-of-view, across the entire stage travel!
  • Fast, accurate & easy-to-use
  • Extensive set of measurement tools
  • Intuitive software with a straightforward operator interface
  • Automatically create reports and collect measurements, statistics, images and other data for complete documentation
  • Automatic image & data collection with built-in SPC and data-exchange capabilities
  • Robust design with no consumable parts

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