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    VP-HD Series 2012 / 3012 Super Rigidity Bridge Type Machining Center The VP-HD series achieves outstanding heavy cutting capabilities through its superior rigidity structure, powerful spindle output, and well featured key components. Gear spindle design provides torque output up to 642 N-m ( 474 lb-ft ). Enforced structural design of the bridge and base improves rigidity by 20% ( compared to previous model ) X / Y axes adopts high rigidity and high precision roller type linear guide ways. Z-axis uses high rigidity box ways that are thoroughly heat treated and precisely grinded, making it best suited for heavy-duty cutting. Exterior design of the fully enclosed splash guards and extended operating doors promote safety protection and ease of parts loading. Full enclosed splash guard with roof ( Opt. ) 1 2

    VP-HD Series 2012 / 3012 Super Rigidity Bridge Type Machining Center The Finite Element Method ( FEM ) analysis provides optimum machine design and light-weighted structural advantages to ensure the best rigidity. One-piece bridge and base casting structure with hand scraped contact surfaces ensure optimum assembly precision, structural rigidity and load balancing. Precision Hand Scraping Precision Feedback System The semi-closed loop circuit system, where the ball screw end is directly connected to the encoder, ensures high positioning accuracy. Axial Torque Clutch X-axis ball screw is equipped with mechanical torque clutches to minimize damages that may be cause by over loading issues or crashes. Hand Scraping Between Bridge And Base Superior quality of machine is based on hand scraping. All contact surfaces of structure are precisely hand scraped. VP-2012HD Structure 3 4

     Rigidity of Bridge Strengthened design of the bridge increases contact area between column and bed by 42%. Cross section area of column is increased by 24% to substantially increase structural rigidity. The bottom of the bridge adopted a one-piece enforced footing design that can support unbalanced forces caused by the saddle and headstock, effectively preventing deformation of the bridge. Top Choice For Heavy-duty Cutting To fulfill heavy-duty cutting and heavy-load machining requirements, the VP-HD series reinforced the structural rigidity, enhanced the core technology, and improved the design; resulting in greater performance with reliability to match. VP-HD v.s VP 55 % Chips removal rate ( cc / kw ) VP-HD v.s VP 24 % Cross section area of column 42 % Contact area between column and bed Model : VP-2012HD Material : S50C Rigidity of Table Chips removal rate 720 cc / min cc / kw Tool size : Ø 100 mm ( 3.94" ) Number of blades : 7 Spindle speed : 477 rpm Cutting width : 60 mm ( 2.36" ) Cutting depth : 4 mm ( 0.16" ) Feed rate : 3 m/min. ( 118 IPM ) Chips removal rate 1,260 cc / min cc / kw Tool size : Ø 100 mm ( 3.94" ) Number of blades : 7 Spindle speed : 477 rpm Cutting width : 60 mm ( 2.36" ) Cutting depth : 6 mm ( 0.20" ) Feed rate : 4.2 m/min. ( 165 IPM ) Table adopted an enclosed back with a double layer structural design. This increases structural rigidity, cutting capabilities, and maximizes table load up to 5,500 kg ( 12,125 lbs ). ( VP-3012HD ) Spindle load : 105% Spindle load : 133% Rigidity of Bed One-piece bed adopts an enclosed rectangular structural design to evenly transfer force to the floor, thereby effectively improving loading capacity of the bed and damping capabilities. Enlarging slants on both sides of the bed significantly increases chip removal efficiency and will fulfill machining needs of heavy cutting for long periods of usage. Feed Rate System Ball screw of the 3 axes are one size larger compared to the competitors in the market, providing optimal heavy cutting ability and ensuring long-lasting performance. X-axis is driven by a FANUC α30 servo motor which can greatly improve thrust and torque on the X-axis, featuring fast acceleration / deceleration. ( Y-axis is directy driven by AC servo motor )

    Optimum Spindle System 2-step heavy-duty gear box. 6,000 rpm high torque spindle is equipped with powerful 26 kw ( 35 HP ) motor delivers maximum torque output of 642 N-m ( 474 lb-ft ) at 387 rpm. Linear guide ways Powerful Cutting Capability Inner-rail embraced structure provides high rigidity and improves stress flow which minimizes overhang and vibration issues. The Y-axis linear guide ways offset from each other to increase structural rigidity and to reduce the distance between the spindle to cross beam, enhancing overall cutting performance. Y-axis sectional linear guide ways design Multiple Functions Status Display Real time operation information Tool list Work piece measurement M code illustration PLC function Calculator CNC optimize parameter ( Opt. ) Spindle thermal compensation ( Opt. ) Trouble Shooting When the alarm appears, the program will display the breakdown cause and a troubleshooting procedure. Users can easily troubleshoot minor problems to save machine shutdown time. Centro-symmetric Main Spindle System The main spindle, spindle motor, ball screw and hydraulic counter balance cylinders are symmetrically placed. This unique head design can prevent thermal distortion, minimize deflection, and assure accuracy as well as heavy cutting capability. Twin hydraulic cylinders for counter-balance Hardened way Center line of Z-axis Center line of spindle Center line of spindle motor Hardened way Twin hydraulic cylinders for counter-balance Circular Work-piece Measurement The circular work-piece program can calculate the center coordinate of a work piece by measuring point A, B and C coordinates. CNC Optimized Parameter From rough cutting to fine machining, users can select different working modes, determine the allowable tolerance and the weight of the work piece, based on your desired working condition. Torque [ lb-ft ] BT50 L H 6,000 rpm Gear Spindle FANUC α22i 35 HP ( 30 min. ) 30 HP ( cont. ) Torque ( 30 min. ) Torque ( cont. ) Output [ HP ] Rectangular Work-Piece Measurement The rectangular work piece program can calculate the center coordinate and the slant angle of a work-piece by measuring point A, B, C, D and E coordinates; the calculated center coordinate can be inputted into the work piece coordinate program ( G54 ~ G59 ). Manual Tool Length Measurement After manually measuring the tool length, the controller will automatically calculate the tool tip position and input the data into the tool length offset table. 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 rpm

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