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    Ultra Performance Bridge Type Machining Center

    Representing YAMA SEIKI’s “The royal family of bridge machines” of mature manufacturing abilities and advanced technology skills, the SP and LP series bridge type vertical machining centers combine strong spindle power and high rigidity structure along with high quality automation equipments and full product line to provide you with high efficiency, high productivity machining strategies; it can be broadly applied in the automotive, precision mold, aerospace and energy industries., etc.

    The LP series can be equipped with an automatic head changer and vertical / horizontal ATC system which turns into a 5-face machining center providing more cutting flexibility to meet your demands of today and tomorrow.

    LP series Product Map

    Yama seiki LP series product map


    Thanks to our advanced developing skills and strict assembly process, gives the SP series ultra performance bridge type vertical machining center optimum rigidity, accuracy and efficiency.

    The modular spindle design provides cutting flexibility for various working conditions.
    High rigidity roller type linear guide ways on the X, Y axes offer heavy-duty cutting, fast movement and low abrasion capabilities.
    The Z-axis is adopted with high rigidity box way which is hardened and precisely ground suitable for heavy-duty cutting conditions.
    ( Opt. : The Z-axis can be adopted with roller type linear guide ways if equipped with high speed direct driven spindle. )


    High Rigidity Structure

    One-piece base structure built with complex 4 guide ways is enlarged proportional to the length of the travel to eliminate working table over hang issue while ensuring maximum structural support. ( X travel longer than 6,000 mm may be in two sections due to transportation limit. )
    Wide span symmetrical center-driven design with X-axis ball screw placed in the center of the axial movement provides high precision axial feeding features, avoids movement yawing problem and guide ways uneven wear out due to eccentric driven design as in other machine.
    The ball screw vibration absorber reduces the vibration of long ball screw to increase machining accuracy.
    LP-2516 / 3016 / 4016 / 5016 : one-piece base structure with 2 roller type linear guide ways design.

    Yama Seiki LP Series Spindle

    Optimum Spindle System


    Powerful Cutting Capability

    lnner-rail embraced structure provides high rigidity and gains good stress flow which minimizes over hang and vibration issues. The Y-axis roller type linear guide ways offset from each other increases structural rigidity reduces distance between spindle to cross beam enhances overall cutting performance.

    Centro-symmetric Main Spindle System

    Unique head design which the main spindle, spindle motor, ball screw and hydraulic counter weight cylinders are symmetrically placed. Hereby preventing thermal distortion and minimizing deflection. Assuring accuracy and heavy cutting capability.


    High Torque Gear Spindle

    2-speed super heavy-duty gear box
    Floating type hydraulic tool release device eliminates pressure on the spindle bearing when releasing a tool.
    4,000 rpm high torque spindle is equipped with powerful 26 kW motor, delivering maximum torque output of 977 Nm at 254 rpm which can meet with various heavy-duty cutting conditions.
    5,000 / 6,000 rpm gear spindle ( Opt. )
    4,000 rpm Gear Spindle


    6,000 rpm Gear Spindle


    High Speed, High Torque Built-in Motorized Spindle

    The built-in motor design reduces centrifugal force effect and restrains spindle vibration, which increases the spindle life span and improves long-term machining accuracy.
    Floating type hydraulic tool release device eliminates pressure on the spindle bearing when releasing a tool.
    6,000 rpm and 8,000 rpm are available, which provides maximum 600 Nm torque output at 350 rpm to meet with various working conditions.
    6,000 rpm Build-in Motorized Spindle


    8,000 rpm Build-in Motorized Spindle


    High Speed, High Power Direct-drive Spindle

    Direct-drive spindle efficiently separates the heat generated from the motor, which reduces deformation, therefore, increasing machining accuracy.
    Floating type hydraulic tool release device eliminates pressure on the spindle bearing when releasing a tool.
    8,000 rpm and 10,000 rpm are available, which provides maximum 165 Nm torque output at 1,500 rpm to meet with various high speed working conditions.
    8,000 rpm Direct-drive Spindle


    10,000 rpm Direct-drive Spindle


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