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YASDA developed the 5-axis PX30i machine to supply customers with a top quality, highly reliable machine tool for the machine shop market and OEM users.  The PX30i is outstanding in versatile 5-axis applications, precision in parts, drilling, face milling, boring, milling from and also excellent for hardened steel, tough materials like titanium and inconel. The PX30i has an excellent design for automation, usability and productivity.

Yasda PX30-hardmilling


  • 5 Axis High Precision Vertical Machining Center
  • Large Work Envelope
  • High Torque Spindle
  • High Speed Direct Drive Rotary Axis
  • Self-contained Multi Pallet Stacking System
  • Methods Tool Management System with Balluf Read Write
  • Methods Pallet Scheduling System
  • Space Saving Footprint
  • System 3R Coupling for Pallet Clamping
  • Rigid Machine Structure for Machining Various Material Types
  • Optical Scale Feedback for Precise Positioning
  • Probing Systems
  • FANUC Functions

Basic Structure

yasda px30i structure

PX-30i Accessibility

The height of the pallet surface from the shop floor is 1085mm. It also has a large space of opened door, access to the pallet, workpiece, and tools.

yasda px30i space

PX-30i Symmetrical Rigid Structure

What is reliable to the customer?
Yasda PX-30i structure is tough and stable with a double column bridge designed through FEM analysis. Symmetric and robust cast iron frame to minimize distortion and deformation.

yasda px-30i symmetrical rigid structure

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