Yasda YBM 10T-TH

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YBM 10T-TH is a heavy duty machine which provides high-speed and high-precision processing for the world’s heaviest work (5 tons). To adapt to industrial trends and changes in requests for parts processing and enable a wider variety of processing with a higher degree of efficiency, this YBM10T includes a newly developed, compact, and powerful built-in spindle. It is configured with a large simultaneous five-axis controller of the tilting head type, as YASDA’s new product lineup.

  • Preload Self-adjusting Spindle Mounted. Both heavy duty cutting at low spindle speed and highly accurate rotation with low-heat generation at high spindle speed are achieved
  • A Two-motor Torque Tandem Control Spindle (option) mounted for YBM10T-100TT
  • Thermal Distortion Stabilized System Equipped. This enables stable high-precision processing for an extended period of time by minimizing the machine-body thermal distortion caused by the factory environment
  • YASDA’s Unique Advanced Function “HAS-3” Equipped. This enables extremely high-precision processing at high speed by accurately reflecting NC data
  • High-precision Five-axis Processing Support Function “i-CAL” Equipped. This enables high-precision and high-grade five-axis processing by accurately searching for the central coordinates of the important “rotation axis” and “spindle” which exert influence on processing accuracy and automatically sets them
  • High Precision Pallet with High Rigidity
  • Torque Tandem Control Spindle
  • Self-adjusting Spindle Equipped with Innovative Functions
  • High Rigidity, High Precision Drive and Guide System

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