Yasda YBM 1218V

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yasda machine tools

The YASDA CNC Jig Borer YBM – 1218V is a highly rigid, bridge-type machining center, developed for high precision machining, high speed machining of medium to large-sized parts, and high accuracy contour-milling for die and mold applications.

  • Z-axis Movement with Cross Rail
  • Exclusive Hybrid Slideway
  • Solid Bridge Construction
  • Direct Drive System
  • High Precision Rotation
  • Thermal Distortion Stabilizing System
  • Improved Heavy Cutting Capability
  • Complex 3-dimensional Contouring and Various Machining can be Performed Precisely and Powerfully
  • ATC & Automatic Tool Stocker
  • Automatic Tool Length Compensation and Tool Breakage Sensor
  • Thermal Distortion Stabilized System
  • Automatic Pallet Changer (APC)

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