Yasda YBM 15T

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Yasda YBM 15T Image

High accuracy and durability of YBM 15T is realized by outstandingly rigid mechanical components, for example, bed and column designed symmetric to control thermal deformation, hardened die steel guide ways assuring durability of long strokes, highly rigid feed drive system with big diameter twin ball screws. These are improving positioning accuracy and machine supports machining cutters a lot and helps minimizing process running cost.

  • Double Feed System with Quill Spindle and Column Feed
  • Thermal Distortion Stabilizing Systems
  • High Performance Spindle with Pre-load Self-adjusting System
  • Twin Ball Screws Drive System
  • High Speed and Highly Accurate Positioning of Heavy Components
  • Outstanding Turn Boring Capability Equivalent to Jig Borer Machine
  • YASDA HAS-3 Systems
  • High-torque Spindle
  • High-speed Spindle
  • Automatic Tool Stocker (with ATC)
  • Thermal Distortion Stabilizing System
  • Preload Stand (PLS)
  • FANUC Functions

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