Yasda YBM 7Ti

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Table is 4 times more rigid

●The newly designed table unit is 4 times as rigid as our existing product. Deformation amount when loading a workpiece, is largely reduced by 40% compared with our existing products.

Further improved response for machining difficult-to-cut materials and heavy-duty cutting

●The 2-axis table employs the high-power direct drive motors and high stiffness bearing realizing high rigidity and high speed for further improving the machine performance for difficult-to-cut materials and heavy-duty cutting.

The YASDA YBM 7T and 8T precision centers are highly acclaimed by users all over the world for its high precision turn boring performance.

  • High Speed and High Precision Positioning with Hybrid Box Guide Ways
  • Thermal Distortion Stabilizing Systems: YASDA’s countermeasures reduce thermal influence and maintain high rigidity and high precision, for continuous high-speed machining
  • High Performance Spindle with Pre-load Self-adjusting System: YASDA’s unsurpassed spindle technology realizes high precision and high quality machining through the entire speed range
  • Highly Rigid Construction
  • Direct Drive Spindle with Preload Self-adjusting System
  • Centrally positioned Spindle Head for Higher Positioning Accuracy
  • Table Indexing and Paller
  • Pallet Chucking Mechanism for Unsurpassed Repeatability and Rigidity
  • Automatic Tool Changer for Heavy Tools
  • Tool Holder Cleaning Device with Brush and Blower
  • High Speed Spindle
  • NC Rotary Table (RP type)
  • Pallet Chucking Device
  • Single or Multiple Magazine (with ATC)
  • Thermal Distortion Stabilizing System

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