Yasda YBM 8T-TT

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A critical condition for realizing a high accuracy 5-axis machining is that the center of rotation axis is always constant in space. The 5-axis machine YBM 8T-TT developed on the basis of YBM 8T fulfills this condition, and for high speed and high accuracy machining, the A-axis drive uses a system that controls synchronously both axes of cradle. Further, the trunnion base has an integral construction to improve the rigidity and also the A-axis trunnion is thermally controlled, so that the influence of a cutting reaction force, mass variations, and thermal deformation can be minimized, thus enabling a high accuracy machining by high speed and high accuracy positioning.

  • Trunnion Style 5 Axis Horizontal Machining Center
  • Through Hardened (HR60) Box Guide Ways
  • Optical Scale Feedback on XYZ Axis
  • Twin Ball Screws
  • Self-adjusting Spindle Preload System
  • Curvic Coupled Pallet Clamping with Air Blast
  • Thermal Distortion Stabilization
  • H frame Z Axis Steel Bed for Heat Distribution for Long Term Accuracy
  • Double Walled and Ribbed Y Axis Column with Minimal Axial Yaw
  • 72 Tooth Curvic Coupling Pallet Clamping with Air Blast
  • Rigid Machine Structure for Machining Various Material Types
  • Optical Scale Feedback for Precise Positioning.
  • Probing Systems
  • High-torque Spindle
  • High-speed Spindle
  • FMS Integration
  • Expandable Preload Stations
  • FANUC Functions

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