Yasda YBM 950V

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The YASDA CNC Jig Borer YBM-950V is based on the highly successful YBM-850V, known for its high-speed/high accuracy machining of small parts including mold and die parts requiring high-precision contour machining. The YBM-950V takes the next step with its compact and high-efficient design developed to dominate the high-precision machining field.

  • Direct Drive Self-adjusting Spindle Preload
  • Through Hardened (HR60) Box Guide Ways
  • Optical Scale Feedback on X/Y/Z Axis
  • Symmetrical Bridge Structure
  • 3 Point Machine Base
  • Thermal Distortion Stabilization
  • Space Saving Footprint
  • Curvic Coupling for Pallet Clamping
  • Rigid Machine Structure for Machining Various Material Types
  • Optical Scale Feedback for Precise Positioning
  • Probing Systems
  • Automatic Pallet Changer
  • Up to 5 Preload Stations
  • FANUC Functions

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