Yasda YBM Vi40

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YASDA’s YBM Vi40 structure is based on YMB series known for highly accurate and rigid machines. The YBM Vi40 is a reliable solution for 5-axis dies and mold making. By adopting the basic structure of a 3-axis machine from YMB V series, YBM Vi40 has comparable cutting ability. In combination with 5-axis machining, this machine can exert high performance for high-precision machining of highly hard materials in complicated shapes which are difficult for a 3-axis machine.

  • B/C Axis Tilt Rotary Table
  • Direct Drive Self-adjusting Spindle Preload
  • Hybrid Box Guide way with Roller Pack
  • Optical Scale Feedback
  • Symmetrical Bridge Structure
  • DD Direct Drive C Axis Motor
  • Worm Gear Driven B Axis
  • Advanced Thermal Displacement
  • 5 Sided Machining with a Single Set-up
  • Rigid Structure Designed for Hard Milling Die Mold Applications
  • Dramatically Reduces the Number of Process Steps and Time
  • Machine Structure is Designed for High-precision and High Surface Part Quality
  • Probing Systems
  • Shorter Tool Length Allows for Higher Feed Rates
  • Robotic Interface for Erowa or System 3R pallets
  • Through Spindle Coolant (TSC)
  • 60/100/200 ATC Capacity

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