Yasda YMC430 RT10

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The YMC430, high precision machining center is integrated with a high precision rotary tilting table with direct drive motors. This combination allows the machining of precise multiple face indexing in one set up, and 5-axis simultaneous micro machining of complex parts.

  • X/Y/Z Axis Controlled by High Speed Linear Motors
  • Symmetrical H-shaped Column
  • Spindle Head Symmetrical Longitudinally and Horizontally
  • Raised Bed Sides for Increased Rigidity
  • Low Centroid X/Y Table
  • Ultra Precision Linear Guides
  • High Precision Positioning
  • Large Capacity HSK-E32 Spindle Taper
  • Superior Part Surface Finishes
  • Positioning Accuracy +/- 1μm
  • Thermal Distortion Stabilizing System for Sustaining High-precision Machining
  • High Speed Positioning
  • Large Cutting Tool Capacity
  • 90 Tool Capacity
  • Cutting Fluid Temperature Control Unit
  • Robot Interface

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