Yasda YMC650

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YASDA Micro Center YMC650 is a state-of-the-art high-end machine, which fits the rapidly increasing demands for ultra-precision and high surface quality milling. All controlled axes (X, Y, and Z) driven by highspeed linear motors, highly rigid symmetric frame design and a unique thermal distortion stabilizing system which sustains machining accuracy in long cycle time operation, will assure unsurpassed high accuracy and excellent motion performance in various applications. YMC650 provides the best solution for future demands for ultra-precision and high surface quality machining.


• X/Y/Z axis controlled by high-speed linear motors
• Symmetrical H-shaped column
• Spindle head symmetrical longitudinally and horizontally
• Raised bed sides for increased rigidity
• Low centroid X/Y table
• Ultra precision linear guides
• High precision positioning
• Large capacity HSK-E32 spindle taper
• Superior part surface finishes
• Positioning accuracy +/- 1μm
• Thermal distortion stabilizing system for sustaining high-precision machining
• High-speed positioning
• Large cutting tool capacity

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