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Most of today’s large machines are still relying on yesterday’s technology. Many have common problems such as: slow rapids, underpowered spindles, weak structure, and turrets that index at a snail’s pace or too small to provide adequate tool clearance. Yama Seiki GS-6000 series completely eliminated these downsides with industry leading new designs. Combining tremendous power, strength, and speed for the ultimate turning power to accomplish today and tomorrows’ most demanding turning applications



All spindle and servo motors, including drives, are Fanuc alpha i series components to ensure peak machining performance and accuracy. The spindle’s P4 grade (class 7) super-high precision bearings are directly assembled for maximum level of support and precision. Bearing configuration designed for heavy-duty cutting with ultra-smooth performance and long term durability with a higher level of accuracy.




The precision 2-speed geared spindle provides greater spindle output control, putting the power where you need it. The 60 HP (Peak) Fanuc motor generates 1,513 lb-ft (GS-6000/6600 Model) & 3,343 lb-ft (GS-6800 Model) of torque through low gear and achieve 2,400-RPM spindle speed in high gear.

Other standard features include spindle orientation, which allows the spindle to stop at the desired programmed position, useful for broaching applications and manual part handling. Rigid tapping feature controls simultaneously the speed and position of the spindle. By synchronizing the Z-axis feed with the spindle RPM, rigid tapping provides high-speed precision tapping without the use of floating tap holders. Set-up is easier and depth of thread more accurate. Rigid tapping permits maximum productivity for tapping operations.




Fanuc AC servomotors for performance and safety drive all axes. Limit switches are not used and referencing the axes to home positions is not necessary. Through hardened and precision ground, C3 class ball screws, thrust outputs are 6,715 lbs. (Cont.) on X and 5,301 lbs. (Cont.) on Z. Axes achieve 788 IPM rapids on X and 945 IPM on Z (472 IPM on L2 models) with fast acceleration and deceleration. Ball screw pretension on all axes minimizes thermal distortion.




Extra wide hardened and ground box ways are widely spaced, and directly cast on to the machine bed and saddle for maximum strength and precision. Slide ways are bonded with

“TURCITE-B” to eliminate stick-slip, minimize wear and maintain long term accuracy. The box way design also provides the rigidity needed for heavy duty and interrupted turning applications.



While competitors are cutting cost by using straight couplings on their turrets, we insist on using the finest curvic couplings available. The curvature of the curvic teeth provides a very unique self-centering feature and wider uniform tooth contact throughout all the teeth, therefore, achieving very high accuracy and rigidity. The curvic teeth are hardened to HRC 58, which ensures the coupling retains its high accuracy characteristics over long periods of use. Ø 450 mm (17.7”) diameter super high precision curvic couplings accurately position the turret disk (± 2 sec. of arc) and 12,000 Kg (26,400 lbs.) of clamping force ensures abundant turret rigidity for all cutting conditions. The 12-station heavy-duty servo indexing turret achieves 1 second indexing times for adjacent stations and 2 second times for stations at the opposite end of the disk turret. Index movements are continuous without pauses, and are capable of turning Ø 375 mm (14.7”) diameter work-pieces without interference when using boring tools. The optional 8-station turret clears up to Ø 540 mm (21.2”) diameter.



Live tooling and C-axis control capabilities on the GS-6000 series allow the machine to perform multiple tasks on a work-piece, such as turning, milling, drilling and tapping. It decreases manpower and cycle time, as well as eliminates the loss of accuracy that would occur when a part is moved from machine to machine. More powerful than a standard 50-taper machining center, the GS-6000 series live tooling turret is driven by 9 kW (12 HP) (30 min.) AC double wound high torque spindle motor to provide ample power, now, even the toughest jobs may be tackled without a sweat. The 12-station YAMA SEIKI live tooling turret offers 12 stations available for live tooling; live tools  rotate  in  working  position  only  to  reduce

power loss and heat. YAMA SEIKI live tooling turret utilizes advanced servo indexing technology to achieve 1 second indexing time for adjacent stations and 2 seconds for stations at the opposite end of the disk.


The CF-axis and disk brake system available on the GS-6000 series provide the most rigid and powerful type of C-axis on the market today. In CF-axis mode, a servo motor is engaged and drives the rotation of the spindle; engaging time is approximately 1 second. Working with the live tooling turret, the CF-axis and disk brake system enables the machine to perform multiple tasks, such as drilling, tapping, and milling operations, including cylindrical and polar coordinate interpolations, resembling a 4th-axis rotary table on a machining center. With the FANUC servo motor generating an ultra-high resolution of 1,000,000 pulses per spindle rotation and 1,800 N-m (1,327 lb-ft) of spindle torque (Cont.), machined surface finishes are much superior to Cs-axis (driven by spindle motor) equipped machines. Plus, dynamic accuracy is within ± 0.02° even under heavy cutting loads.


Built to withstand years and years of rigorous high production turning, the heavily ribbed, one-piece thermally balanced bed and casting components are of “Meehanite” casting. The low center of gravity heavy-duty 45° slant bed provides superior support for the headstock, turret, and tailstock. Creating the rigidity needed for long-term high precision turning. More rigidity also means extended tool life. The 45° slant bed design further offers efficient chip removal and straightforward operator access.



YAMA SEIKI utilizes the latest in control technology from FANUC, the 0i-TD/32i/31i-B control. These controls provide many features as standard that are not available or costly options found on other controls. Features such as rigid tapping, multiple repetitive cycles, direct programming, custom  macro B are standard plus many more. The Oi-TD also comes standard with color LCD screen, graphic display, 1280M of program memory, and a super-fast




The auto lubrication system delivers oil to the slide ways and ball screws. The distribution of oil is cut when machine is idling.



The standard enclosed splashguard feature is designed to keep chips and coolant contained for a safe clean working environment. Super durable stainless steel slide way covers and special wipers are used for protecting the slide ways from coolant and chips, plus cover friction is reduced up to 50%.



YAMA SEIKI provides a warranty for the machine furnished to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of installation to the original purchaser. Warranty is only valid under normal and proper usage with standard preventative maintenance. FANUC provides a warranty for the control & components to be free from defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of delivery to the original purchaser. Warranty is only valid under normal and proper usage with standard preventative maintenance.

**Please refer to the “MACHINE LIMITED WARRANTY” page for warranty details.


2-Step Gear Head Spindle CF-Axis with Disk Brake



CapacityGS-6000 / L / L2GS-6600 / L / L2GS-6800 / L / L2
Max. Swing DiameterØ 38.58” (980mm)
Swing Over SaddleØ 27.95” (710mm)
Max. Turning DiameterØ 34.64” (880mm)
Max. Turning Length37.40” (950mm) / L: 77.95” (1,980mm) / L2: 129.92” (3,300mm)
Max. Part’s WeightMax. Parts Weight depends on the work holding. 790 lbs. one end support without tailstock

5,700 lbs. both ends support with tailstock

Note: assumption made as 24 inch chuck, smaller chuck normally has smaller rating.

Chuck15” (opt. 18”)Opt. 20” Hyd. Chuck Opt. 22” Air ChuckOpt. 24” Air Chuck
Bar CapacityØ 4.52” (115mm)Ø 7.08” ( Hyd. Chuck ) Ø 8.07” ( Air Chuck )Ø 10.24” ( Air Chuck )
Hole Through SpindleØ 5.11” (130mm)Ø 8.07” (205mm)Ø 10.24” (260mm)
Spindle Bearing DiameterØ 7.08” (180mm)Ø 10.23” (260mm)Ø 13.38” (340mm)
Strong CylinderØ 15” (Std.) / 18”


Ø 20” (Opt.)
Spindle NoseA2-11A2-15A2-15
Motor Output (Cont.)40 HP
Motor Output (30min.)50 HP
Motor Output (Peak)60 HP
Motor full out speed1,150 RPM
Spindle Drive System2-Speed Direct Gear Head Spindle
Spindle Drive RatioL0.150.150.068
Spindle Speed RangeL550 RPM550 RPM400 RPM
H2,000 RPM1,100 RPM800 RPM
Spindle Torque (30min.)L2,048 N-m (1510 lb-ft)4533 N-m (3343 lb-ft)
H567 N-m (418 lb-ft)1133 N-m (835 lb-ft)
X & Z Axes
X-Axis Travel19.68” (500mm)
Z-Axis Travel38.58”(980mm) / L: 77.36” (1,965mm) / L2: 129.92” (3,300mm)
X-Axis Rapid Traverse Rate788 IPM (20m/min)
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse Rate24 / 24 / 12 m/min ( 945 /945 / 472 IPM )


Slide Way TypeBox Way
Feed Rates1~189 IPM (1~4,800mm/Min.)
X-Axis Servo MotorAC 8 HP (Fanuc α40B/3000i, 1,000,000/rev)
Z-Axis Servo MotorAC 9.4 HP (Fanuc α22/3000i, 1,000,000/rev)
X-Axis Ball Screw Dia. [Pitch]Ø 1.57” (40mm) / Pitch 8
Z-Axis Ball Screw Dia. [Pitch]Ø 45mm-P12mm / L: Ø 50mm-P16mm / L2: Ø 63mm-P16mm
X-Axis Thrust (Cont.)6,715Lbs (3,046 kg)
Z-Axis Thrust (Cont.)5,301Lbs (2,404 kg)
TurretGS-6000 / 6000L / 6000L2GS-6600 / 6600L / 6600L2
Number Of Stations12
Turret Index Drive TypeFanuc α22/3000i Servo motor
Turret Index Time0.5 Sec (adjacent)/ 1.5 sec. 180° (Single-Step)
AccuracyPositioning: ±0.00069°, Repeatability: ±0.00027°
OD Tool Shank Size1-1/4″ (32mm)
ID Tool SizeUp to Ø 2-1/2” (60mm)
Live Tooling Turret (Optional)
Max. Turning Length32.67” / 73.22” / 126.37” (830mm / 1,860mm / 3,210mm)
Max. Turning DiameterØ 34.64”(880 mm)
Live Tooling Stations12 (Live tooling tools rotate in working position only)
Live Tooling Drive MotorAC 10 (con.) / 12 HP (30 min.) Fanuc motor with Absolute encoder
Live Tooling Torque120 N-m @ 750 rpm (30 min.)
Indexing Drive TypeFanuc AC spindle motor
Indexing Speed0.5 sec (adjacent) / 1.5 sec. 180 degrees (single step)
Od Tool Shank Size1-1/4” (32mm)
Id Tool Shank SizeØ 2-1/4” (60mm)
Live Tooling Shank SizeCollet: ER 50 (Ø 30mm) (90 ° ER 40)
Live Tooling Rpm Range10~3,000 RPM
CF-Axis Spindle (Optional)
CF-Axis Drive MotorFanuc α 12/3000i


CF-Axis Drive Ratio1:150
CF-Axis Rapid20 RPM
CF-axis torque output (Con.)1,800 N-m; 183.6kgf; 1,327 ft-lb
Min. Spindle Indexing Angle0.001º
Dynamic Accuracy+/- 0.02º
Tail StockGS-6000 / 6000L / 6000L2GS-6600 / 6600L / 6600L2
Standard / OptionProgrammable Tail Stock, MT#6 Programmable Quill (Non-Rotating Quill, Live Center is not included)
Programmable Tail Stock, MT#5 Programmable Quill (Non-Rotating Quill, Live Center is not included)
Programmable Tail Stock, MT#5 Programmable Quill (Rotating Quill, Dead center is not included)
Programmable Tail Stock, MT#4 Programmable Quill (Rotating Quill, Dead center is not included)
Quill Diameter / TravelØ 4.33” (110mm) / 5.90” (150mm)
Tail Stock Body Travel31.49” (800mm)/68.89”(1,750mm) / L2: 125.98” (3,200mm)
Programmable Quill / BodyYes / Yes
Programmable Base TypePosition By Z-Axis
General Specification
Positioning Accuracy+/- 0.0002” (+/- 0.005mm)
Repeatability+/- 0.0001” (+/- 0.003mm)
Standard CNC ControlFANUC Oi-TD
VoltageAC 200/220 +10% to -15% 3 phase
Power Requirement60 KVA
Air Pressure6 kgf /cm2
Hydraulic Tank Capacity3.3 gal. (15L)
Coolant Tank Capacity52.8 / 70.4 / 175.9 gal (240 / 320 / 800L)
Coolant Pump“Grundfos” 100 PSI
Machine Weight26,450 / 30,865 / 39,683 lbs (12,000 / 14,000 / 18,000kgs)
Machine L X W X H145.66” x 95.27” x 101.18” / 199.21” x 95.27” x 101.18” / 266.37” x

114.56” x 98.62”

Yama Seiki GS-6000 / 6600 / 6800 Series with M (Live Tooling Option) Machine Standard Package Features & Accessories

  1. Fanuc 0i-TD With 10.4” Color LCD & Dynamic Graphic Display
  2. Rigid Tapping and Spindle Orientation
  3. Fanuc Alpha Spindle And Servo Drives
  4. Fanuc AC 40HP (Cont.), 50 HP(30 Min), 60HP (Peak) Spindle Motor
  5. Direct 2 Speed Gear Head Spindle
  6. Spindle Speed:
    1. GS-6000: LOW GEAR: 550 RPM, HIGH GEAR: 2,000 RPM
    2. GS-6600: LOW GEAR: 550 RPM, HIGH GEAR: 1,100 RPM
    3. GS-6800: LOW GEAR: 400 RPM, HIGH GEAR: 800 RPM
  7. Work Holding
    1. GS-6000: 18 inch 3-Jaw Through-Hole 4.52” (105mm) Power Chuck
    2. GS-6600: No Chuck
    3. GS-6800: No Chuck
  8. X Axis Servo Motor: Fanuc Alpha Servo Motor 8.0 HP (Cont.)
  9. Z Axis Servo Motor: Fanuc Alpha Servo Motor 9.4 HP (Cont.)
  10. 12-Station Live Servo Turret With 1.25” OD & 2.5” ID Tool Shank
  11. CF-Axis with Disk Brake on Main Spindle
  12. Renishaw (HPRA) Removable Programmable In-Machine Tool Setter
  13. Fully Programmable Hydraulic Tailstock & Programmable Non-Rotating Type Quill (MT#5) (No Live Center Included)
  14. Chip Conveyor With Auto Timer, Hinge Type, Right Discharge, 47” Discharge Height
  15. Grundfos 100 PSI Coolant Pump With Roll-Out Coolant Tank
  16. Advance Automatic Lubrication System
  17. Oil Skimmer
  18. Operation & Maintenance Manuals, Parts List And Electrical Drawings
  19. Factory Test Report
  20. Complete Hydraulic System
  21. Electric Torque Limiter
  22. Leveling Bolt And Leveling Pad
  23. Work Light
  24. Three Color Operation Status Signal Light Tower
  25. Tool Box With Emergency Maintenance Electrical Part Package
  26. Standard Tool Holder & Sleeves Package Including
  27. OD Cutting Tool Holder (1.25”) X 2
  28. Facing Cutting Tool Holder (1.25”) X 1
  29. Boring Bar Holder / Throw-away Drill Holder (2.5”) X 6
  1. Boring Bar Sleeves Package (3/4”, 1”,1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, 2” & MT#4, MT#5)
  1. Drill Socket Package (1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”)
  2. Power Driven Tool (0 degree, 90 degree) (Optional)
  3. Safety Features: Fully Enclosed Guarding, Door Interlock, Hydraulic Pressure Safety Switch, Program Protect, Chuck Clamp/Unclamp Confirmation
  • Address 8821 60 Ave, Edmonton Alberta T6E6L9
  • City Edmonton Alberta
  • State/county Alberta Canada
  • Country Canada


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  • Model: GS 6000M

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